Further progress with Lack enclosure

Created on Sunday, October 8, 2017.

The top table is fitted.


Continued work on the Lack enclosure today. I decided to discard that idea of using wood spacers instead of printing risers because the transition from 50 mm leg to 42 mm riser to 50 mm coupler was just too weird. It also would have left large gaps all around the enclosure, compromising its ability to control temperature and noise. I printed 80 mm risers, it took nearly 12 hours all up. I printed them one by one in case of print failure.

Attaching the couplers and risers was straightforward, but I did have to grind a new profile on my only long screwdriver to be able to tighten the screws at the bottom of those risers.

With the second Lack table fitted I was able to take measurements for the side panels (442 mm wide × 498 mm tall). I will attach magnetic catches to the top Lack’s legs because those are made of decent MDF sheet, whereas the top and bottom of the tabletops are made of something thinner. Those catches will be spaced so that once the panels are mounted onto them, the outer surface of the panels will be flush with the legs. Having the sheets only attached to the top Lack also means that I can remove the whole thing in one piece if I want to.

I was considering having handles on all of the panels, but the protrusion of the handles would increase the footprint of the enclosure. I think I will have handles on the front panel only, and just push the side/rear panels out from inside the enclosure. Or I can cut slots into each panel and use a removable handle (shaped like a T, you insert it and then turn it 90° to retain it in the slot).

Finally, I printed and installed a filament pipe into the top Lack so that I could store my filament spool in a dry box on top of the enclosure, like I always have.

Things I need to do:

  1. Get MDF and try cutting those panels.
  2. Install magnetic catches and test-fit panels.
  3. Paint the panels (both sides to prevent warping) as well as the underside of the top Lack. Use white enamel for wear resistance.
  4. Get LED strips from old enclosure and install in new one.
  5. Mount smoke alarm.
  6. Try to mount the desk fan to the top of the enclosure. Where though? Use a bracket that allows the fan to easily be removed if I want to take the top Lack off.
  7. Figure out what to do about tool storage.
  8. Remove adhesive rulers from Z tower; now that I can reliably use a dial indicator for levelling and Z adjustment, they’re no longer needed.
  9. Cover up the gaudy “Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus” mark with an even gaudier “Desibot 2” mark.
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