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The Punctuator allows users to insert special punctuation marks and common text formatting tags at the click of a button. It comes bundled with my blogging/article publishing software, Writer’s Block.


Here is a demonstration. Try hovering your pointer over each button and then using the button combination it shows you. Try selecting an area of text and clicking the Bold, Italic or Curly Quotes buttons.

It’s easy to add and remove buttons, or to change what each button does. This is what each button in the default script means, in order of appearance. If a button ‘wraps’, it means that you can click/access the button just once to automatically put the appropriate marks before and after a selected area of text.

  1. Boldface (wraps; XHTML-friendly; strongly emphasise)
  2. Italicise (wraps; XHTML-friendly; emphasise)
  3. Em Dash (a break in thought; a range without end)
  4. En Dash (a range that ends; joining words that are already hyphenated [Open-Source–based, not Open-Source-based])
  5. Single curly quotes (wraps; keyboard apostrophe is not correct)
  6. Double curly quotes (wraps; keyboard quote is not correct)
  7. Ellipsis (three full-stops is not correct)
  8. One-Dot Leader (use when not ending a sentence [as a decimal or in a version number])
  9. Apostrophe (keyboard apostrophe is not correct)
  10. Pilcrow (visibly indicates where a paragraph has been broken; use in code examples)
  11. Section (shorthand for “Section” [e.g. §3])
  12. Minus sign (keyboard hyphen and keypad minus are not wide enough)
  13. Therefore (shorthand for maths or lazy people)
  14. Ampersand (means ‘and’; for showing character entity codes)
  15. Less than–Greater than (wraps; for showing HTML code)
  16. Trademark (indicates a trademarked name)
  17. Paragraph (wraps; correct HTML code for starting and ending a new paragraph) The Punctuator is a modified form of Alex King’s JS QuickTags v1.2 which was released under the LGPL. As such, The Punctuator is also bound by the LGPL. The Punctuator was modified from the original and redistributed during the last week of October, 2005.

Instructions for The Punctuator’s implementation are supplied as comments in the demo.htm file in the .zip archive.

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