Standing computer desk

Created on Wednesday, January 9, 2013.
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I designed a computer desk that I could use when seated or standing.


I made myself a table that I could use when either seated or standing, as I frequently feel like standing and moving around when programming. The original design comes from Justin and Cassity at I adapted the design to fit the space available to me, reinforced the rear half of the tabletop to take the weight of my monitors and gewgaws, and added extra bracing at the rear because why not?

Total material cost was approx. AU$130, and assembly was eight man-hours because I am a slowpoke. My lumber was all 20mm thick, so I used glue and 30mm screws on everything. The rear support parts were fastened to each other using pre-drilled steel plates that I found in the hardware shop beside the angle brackets.

In-progress shots

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