TXT to RTF converter (command-line)

Created on Wednesday, July 3, 2013.
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Drop a plain text (.txt or Markdown) file onto it, and it sticks the contents into a .RTF file.


It was amusing that no matter how hard I looked on the net, the only tools I could find to convert .txt files to .rtf were not only commercial, but incredibly expensive. Here is a simple freeware program whose goal is to take the contents of a plain text file and stick them into an RTF file.

Supported formats

  • .txt
  • Markdown (.md, .mdown, .markdown)
    • Note that this tool does not (and will never) convert Markdown formatting into actual RTF formatting (like bold, italics and so on). You should use Pandoc for that, it’s incredible.


There are two ways to use this converter:

  1. Drag and drop files onto the .exe. You can convert multiple files at once.
  2. Use "TXT to RTF Converter.exe" $1 in a batch file. The converted .rtf files are placed in the same directories as the original .txt files.

Let me download it!

Download TXT to RTF Converter (Windows).

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