How to Crack Eggs

Created on Thursday, January 1, 1970.
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Impress your friends and woo your significant other by not looking like a dingus when cracking eggs.


On my first day of being a pastry chef, my boss told me that I should be able to crack a hundred eggs in less than two minutes, and by golly he was right. Here’s how you do it.

First, put all your eggs and a vessel on the table in front of you. Your vessel should be sturdy and large enough to hold all the egg matter you intend to crack. I like small plastic buckets. Have an open bin within easy reach for the egg shells. If you’re right-handed you should put the eggs at your left, the vessel in the middle and the bin at your right. You should always work from weak hand to strong hand.

  1. Put an egg in your strong hand, with your fingers evenly spread over the length of the shell.
  2. Using your strong hand only, crack the egg against the side of the vessel. Spread your fingers to draw the shell halves apart and deposit the egg matter into the vessel.
  3. While you are opening the egg, pick up another egg with your weak hand.
  4. As you throw the spent shell into the bin, throw the new egg towards your strong hand.
  5. As your strong hand returns to the vessel, catch the new egg in mid-air.
  6. Crack and repeat.
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