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How to poach an egg in the microwave
I keep forgetting how to do this, so here it is. (I wrote this on 2018 Feb 25. )
Assorted notes on supplies for 'making'
Every time I make something, I come up with ideas for where to get new materials and what to use those materials on. (I wrote this on 2016 Jun 30. I last modified it on 2018 Sep 22.)
How I make conference posters
I'm super proud of my scientific posters, and I'd like to share my design process with you so that you can be proud of your posters too. (I wrote this on 2016 May 24. I last modified it on 2018 Oct 30.)
Calculating flow rate for your 3D slicer
'Flow rate' is a slicer setting that tells the 3D printer how much plastic to extrude. Correct flow rate is the first step towards pretty and dimensionally accurate 3D prints, so it's important to know how to set it properly. (I wrote this on 2017 May 30. I last modified it on 2020 Jul 28.)
The big guide to working with PDFs for students and knowledge workers
Working efficiently with PDFs is essential, but no one is taught what they can do with PDFs, or how to solve problems with PDF documents they encounter in the real world. In this guide I demonstrate the process of ’fixing’ a bad PDF using a real-world example, and then working with it effectively. (I wrote this on 2013 Nov 29. I last modified it on 2015 Nov 28.)
Calculations Involving Titrations
You go to the supermarket and buy a 3L bottle of bleach for $3.40. Scandalised by the realisation that most of this is probably water, you resolve to go home and calculate exactly how much of the active ingredient (molecular Chlorine) you have actually paid for. (I wrote this on 2011 May 02. )
How To Get Head Tracking For Under $50
Head tracking is a method of monitoring the movements of your head and translating them into computer input. It's an efficient and powerful tool, especially for video games, but it's normally expensive. Here's how you can get it for less than $50! (I wrote this on 2011 Feb 23. )
Can't install Viva Pinata
There is a common installation problem with Viva Pinata where the install program might freeze partway through and leave you with a half-installed game that can't be uninstalled. I've found the solution. (I wrote this on 2009 May 13. )
Pruning tomato plants
When should tomato plants be pruned? And how should they be pruned? (I wrote this on 2009 Jan 04. )
How to Crack Eggs
Impress your friends and woo your significant other by not looking like a dingus when cracking eggs. (I wrote this on 1970 Jan 01. )
How not to sweat after a shower
With all this global warming, it's time I taught you a skill that very few people have mastered: how not to sweat as soon as you get out of the shower. (I wrote this on 2009 Feb 07. )
How to make a puppet leader
Ever wanted to control a world leader? Well now you can! (I wrote this on 1970 Jan 01. )
How to run DOS games
Playing DOS games is a rewarding venture. If you can get the game running to begin with. (I wrote this on 1970 Jan 01. )
How to make clean URLs
Clean URLs are prettier, easier to remember, more compact, are easier to link to and allow search engines to spider your site. (I wrote this on 2004 Nov 08. I last modified it on 2022 Mar 04.)
How to open a jar
An unopenable jar has to be one of the worst things that can happen to you, especially on a bad day. What creates such an abomination, and how can we topple it? (I wrote this on 1970 Jan 01. )
How to use a cultivator
A cultivator is a gardener's implement that looks like a three-fingered claw on a stick, and although it's a pretty common thangymabob to have lying around, a lot of people don't know exactly how to use one. (I wrote this on 1970 Jan 01. )
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