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Things I’ve written about the process of 3D printing with the Fused Filament Fabrication process.

Levelling the bed of a Printrbot Simple Metal
Even though my printer has bed level compensation, it wasn't enough to compensate for my slanted bed. I used spring washers to make the bed adjustable. (I wrote this on 2016 Mar 03. )
Accenting 3D prints with nail polish
If you make a print with recessed lettering, like a dial, you need to do something to make the lettering easier to see. I like to use nail polish. (I wrote this on 2016 Feb 23. )
The effect of fan quantity and fan shrouds on 'short' layers
'Short' layers are layers of a 3D print that finish so quickly that the plastic may not cool down before the next layer is printed on top of it. Good cooling is essential when printing these with PLA. I investigated how the number of cooling fans, and the shrouds fitted on them, affected short layer success. (I wrote this on 2016 Feb 13. I last modified it on 2016 Feb 21.)
Guide to the Ultimate Filament Colorer technique
A guide to loading a Sharpie with 3D printing filament to make durable, fully-coloured prints. (I wrote this on 2016 Jan 17. I last modified it on 2016 Feb 15.)
Diagnosing and fixing ringing versus vibration artefacts
Diagnosing two common surface finish problems in low-cost printers. (I wrote this on 2017 Sep 30. )
Assembling a kit of standard parts for 3D printing projects
3D printing is not appropriate for hardware that fastens parts together and allows them to move and interact (i.e. screws, springs, and more). All designers should own a kit of these basic parts — here's what's in mine. (I wrote this on 2016 Jul 12. I last modified it on 2020 Aug 05.)
Pastel-coloured 3D prints using Sharpie-brand markers
Filament can be dyed during printing by passing it through a permanent marker. This article outlines the colours you get from dyeing opaque white filament with different Sharpie colours. (I wrote this on 2016 Jan 16. I last modified it on 2016 Feb 09.)
The Complete Guide to 3D Printing on Blue Tape
All the things I've worked out about how to use blue tape for 3D printing. (I wrote this on 2017 Sep 28. )
The effects of fan types and fan shrouds on overhangs and warping in 3D printing
3D printing with PLA demands good cooling to produce accurate, attractive objects. I did tests to find a cooling setup that gives me the best quality PLA prints from my Printrbot Simple Metal 3D printer. (I wrote this on 2015 Nov 21. I last modified it on 2016 Feb 21.)
Calculating flow rate for your 3D slicer
'Flow rate' is a slicer setting that tells the 3D printer how much plastic to extrude. Correct flow rate is the first step towards pretty and dimensionally accurate 3D prints, so it's important to know how to set it properly. (I wrote this on 2017 May 30. I last modified it on 2020 Jul 28.)
Tools and consumables for your first 3D printer
New to 3D printing and not sure what you need? I list the tools I use most, and what I use them for. (I wrote this on 2015 Nov 08. I last modified it on 2016 Jan 20.)
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