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Things that I’ve done that are both scientific and sciencey.

DNA dilution calculator
Automatically calculate a dilution table to get your stock DNA/RNA to a desired concentration. Handy for standardising PCRs. (I wrote this on 2017 Dec 08. )
Poster: How do legume-insect interactions change along an altitudinal gradient?
The attack patterns of seed-eating weevils warn us that host-specificity is weakening under climate change. (I wrote this on 2022 Dec 08. )
How I make conference posters
I'm super proud of my scientific posters, and I'd like to share my design process with you so that you can be proud of your posters too. (I wrote this on 2016 May 24. I last modified it on 2018 Oct 30.)
Poster: How does the diversity of plants and host-specific insects change along a mountain?
Hotter, drier weather is pushing plants out of their normal ranges. What happens to the insects that need them? (I wrote this on 2022 Dec 08. )
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