DNA dilution calculator

Created on Friday, December 8, 2017.
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Automatically calculate a dilution table to get your stock DNA/RNA to a desired concentration. Handy for standardising PCRs.


The calculator is unit-agnostic; enter your numbers as μL and ng/μL, and you’ll get μL and ng/μL out.

Formula (for your information)

Note that the calculator will give weird results if your concentration is zero (it will ask for infinite amounts of DNA), or if it’s lower than the desired final concentration (it will ask for negative amounts of water). I don’t have time to fix these right now! Just use undiluted stock DNA in these cases.

// For each stock concentration (sampleConc):

// Rearranged c1 * v1 = c2 * c2
var rawTemplateVol = (finalVol * finalConc) / sampleConc;

// If DNA volume for desired concentration is < minimum volume, find the scaling-up factor.
// If DNA volume is not less than the minimum volume, then the scaling factor is 1.
var adjustFactor_minPipVol = rawTemplateVol < minPipVol ? minPipVol / rawTemplateVol : 1;

// Multiply stock and water amounts by scaling-up factor.
var dilTemplate = adjustFactor_minPipVol * rawTemplateVol;
var dilWater = adjustFactor_minPipVol * (finalVol - rawTemplateVol);
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