Things I’ve Made

Works filed under 'Game Tools'

Software built to interface with video games.

Hold-to-aim in EYE Divine Cybermancy
An Autohotkey script that adds hold-to-aim/hold ADS to EYE Divine Cybermancy. (I wrote this on 2019 Dec 01. )
Universal WASD controls for top-down RPGs
Move your character using WASD in games like Titan Quest and Torchlight instead of clicking all the time, because I get really sick of clicking. (I wrote this on 2010 Oct 29. I last modified it on 2017 Oct 29.)
Skyrim One-Key Dual Cast
Allows you to activate both hands by pressing only one button in Skyrim. (I wrote this on 2011 Nov 19. )
Better Binds for Red Orchestra 2
An Autohotkey script for Red Orchestra 2 that adds hold-to activate binds for crouching, proning, and aiming like you'd find in other games. Also adds spot-while-firing. (I wrote this on 2011 Sep 23. )
Tronic Revamped: Minecraft Texture Pack
Tronic Revamped is a clean, minimalist texture pack for Minecraft, built on the original Tronic texture pack. (I wrote this on 2011 Sep 19. )
BFBC2 - TeamChat
Use the number pad to instantly send chat messages in BFBC2 about enemy positions and states on either the Squad or Team channels. (I wrote this on 2011 Jan 26. )
Spot While Firing in BFBC2
An Autohotkey script that automatically Spots an enemy as you fire at him in BFBC2 and BFBC2 Vietnam. (I wrote this on 2011 Jan 05. )
DeathSpank Auto-Clicker
This script makes the Left-Mouse and Right-Mouse autofire when playing DeathSpank or its sequel. (I wrote this on 2010 Dec 02. )
Mouse-Only Controls for Top-Down RPGs
Creates extra key maps that make it easier and less RSI-inducing to play action RPGs like Torchlight, Titan Quest and Diablo. (I wrote this on 2010 Oct 31. )
Minecraft Key Remaps
An Autohotkey script that creates extra, more comfortable keybinds for use in the ridiculously fun indie game Minecraft. (I wrote this on 2013 Jul 21. )
Carpet Bombing Extended
A mod for Vanilla Supreme Commander that allows all Tier 1 and Tier 2 bombers to carpet bomb enemy units and structures by ordering them to fly over it. (I wrote this on 2009 Mar 01. )
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