Tronic Revamped: Minecraft Texture Pack

Created on Monday, September 19, 2011.
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Tronic Revamped is a clean, minimalist texture pack for Minecraft, built on the original Tronic texture pack.


What is it?

Tronic Revamped is a texture pack for Minecraft that uses Tronic as a base, with custom icons from Frenden’s Texture Pack and a round sun and moon from the Painterly Pack. Major changes include teal water, peach clay, round sun and moon, improvements to block textures so you can tell them apart, new icons for items introduced after Beta 1.2, and improved underwater vision and night vision. Included is a version with invisible armor so you can see players’ skins. Installation instructions and changelog included in the package.

Hey, there’s a bug in the texture pack and my brick and gold textures are all messed up!
The bug is you, because you thought you knew better than I do how to install the texture pack. You have somehow stumbled your way through life blissfully ignorant of the existence of a thing called a Readme, and the necessity of following instructions.


## Let me at it! ## Download Tronic Revamped v11

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