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Created on Wednesday, January 26, 2011.
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Use the number pad to instantly send chat messages in BFBC2 about enemy positions and states on either the Squad or Team channels.


What is it?

TeamChat is an Autohotkey script that allows you to use the number pad to instantly send a chat message (either on the Team or Squad channels depending on whether Numlock is on or off) indicating the position of an enemy, or other teamplay-related messages. Numbered numpad keys, called Report buttons, send a message related to their position on the keyboard: Numpad 8 reports an enemy directly ahead, for example, while pressing Numpad 4 reports an enemy to the left (9 o’clock).

You can hold down modifier keys while pressing a Report button to indicate an enemy who is in a high position or in cover, and there are hotkeys to confirm a kill, to warn your vehicle that you’ll be healing, to report a planted tracer dart, and to simply say thanks for a heal or resupply.


  • If numlock is on, TeamChat will send all its messages on the Squad channel.
  • If numlock is off, TeamChat will send them through the general Team channel.

This is a diagram of what messages each sends. Explaining it with an image is a lot clearer than explaining it with prose. ## Game Compatibility ##

  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 — Vietnam
## Notes and Caveats ## This script hijacks the numpad keys in both states, so if you have controls bound to any numpad key, those controls will not work. This script also assumes that you have chat commands mapped to their default keys: K for Team channel and L for Squad channel. If you go in and edit the script, DO NOT remove the 'Sleep' functions from any binds. They are there to give the game enough time to receive the message, and they prevent you from sending too many messages too quickly and getting muted in chat for spamming. I made the script give 9 and 3 o'clock instead of Left and Right to avoid confusion: even though it may be more intuitive, if you tell someone 'Enemy, Left' they will not know how far to the left you mean, and will likely look only a little to the left, or scan slowly towards the left. Say 9 o'clock, and they are on it. ## Changelog ## v1: Initial release. ## Let me at it! ## Download TeamChat v1

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