Hold-to-aim in EYE Divine Cybermancy

Created on Sunday, December 1, 2019.
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An Autohotkey script that adds hold-to-aim/hold ADS to EYE Divine Cybermancy.


EYE Divine Cybermancy only has toggle-to-aim controls, which many people find clumsy. This Autohotkey script adds industry-standard hold-to-aim controls to the game without interrupting the other functions that the Aim button also performs in the game.

The script does this by differentiating between taps and holds, so you can still tap the Right Mouse to do the game’s original things, and then hold to aim whenever you like. This also means that you have a choice between toggle-to-aim and hold-to-aim. Choosing between them is entirely contextual based on how long you hold the button down, it feels very natural.


Run Hold-to-aim - EYE Divine Cybermancy.exe before running EYE Divine Cybermancy.

Fair warning: Scanning the executable with VirusTotal raises warnings in 3 out of 69 anti-virus engines. If you would prefer to run an uncompiled script, then you can install Autohotkey and run Hold-to-aim - EYE Divine Cybermancy.ahk instead.

Note about dropped inputs

The game itself has a lot of jank with regards to aiming, and it becomes more noticeable since this script gives you fluid hold-to-aim controls. Sometimes you may find that you don’t go into aim mode even if you’ve pressed Right Mouse down. This is not my script’s fault, it’s actually the game dropping inputs. You can confirm this yourself by rapidly tapping the aim button and seeing that the game has a mind of its own.


  • The EYE icon for the compiled executable comes from the EYE executable itself.
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