DeathSpank Auto-Clicker

Created on Thursday, December 2, 2010.
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This script makes the Left-Mouse and Right-Mouse autofire when playing DeathSpank or its sequel.


What is it?

In DeathSpank and its sequel, Thongs of Virtue, you needed to click on an enemy every time you wanted to attack it. This got tedious very quickly, considering it could take ten or more clicks to kill an individual enemy. This script makes the Left-Mouse and Right-Mouse autofire: simply hold the button down while hovering over an enemy and DeathSpank will continuously attack. No more sore fingers!


  • Doesn't mess up your typing outside DeathSpank, so you can still IM and surf the web.
  • Holding down Left-Mouse now sends continuous left clicks.
  • Holding down Right-Mouse now sends continuous right clicks.

Game Compatibility

  • DeathSpank
  • DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue

Notes and Caveats

Due to the way the script checks whether DeathSpank is the active window or not, the script will also apply to any window whose name begins with ‘DeathSpank’. Unless you are trying to drag anything inside that window, you should not notice any ill effect. If you do, simply Suspend the script temporarily.

When starting a new game it may be difficult to select a difficulty, as the script may send multiple mouseclicks, making the options scroll by very fast. Suspend the script, then Resume it when you’ve made your selection.


v1: Initial release. Left- and Right-Mouse buttons autofire.

## Let me at it! ## Download DeathSpank Auto-Clicker v1

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