Spot While Firing in BFBC2

Created on Wednesday, January 5, 2011.
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An Autohotkey script that automatically Spots an enemy as you fire at him in BFBC2 and BFBC2 Vietnam.


What is it?

This Autohotkey script presses the Communication key (Q, by default) whenever you fire your weapon in BFBC2 or BFBC2: Vietnam, allowing you to automatically spot a baddie as you pummel him. You can, of course, still use Q to spot manually. Works perfectly in vehicles, when crouching, running, etc etc.


  • Doesn't mess up your typing outside BFBC2, so you can still IM and surf the web.
  • Presses Q twice a second whenever you are holding down the Left mouse button.

Game Compatibility

  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 — Vietnam

Notes and Caveats

Important: This script assumes that you have Comms/Spot bound to the Q key. If you don’t, you can change the key being sent by replacing “Send {Blind}q” with “Send {Blind}[new lowercase key]” (no quotes or square brackets). If you make this change, you will need to download Autohotkey to be able to run the edited script. </p>


v1: Initial (and final) release.

## Let me at it! ## Download Spot While Firing v1

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