Better Binds for Red Orchestra 2

Created on Friday, September 23, 2011.
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An Autohotkey script for Red Orchestra 2 that adds hold-to activate binds for crouching, proning, and aiming like you’d find in other games. Also adds spot-while-firing.


What is it?

This Autohotkey script Replaces the toggle-aim, toggle-crouch, and toggle-prone controls for RO2 with hold-to activate binds like you’d find in other games. It also adds spot-while-firing (automatically spot a guy for your team while you lean on the Fire button).


  • Doesn't mess up your typing outside RO2, so you can still IM and surf the web.
  • Adds hold-to-aim.
  • Adds hold-to-crouch.
  • Adds hold-to-prone.
  • Melee can interrupt reload.
  • Adds spot-while-firing.

Game Compatibility

  • Red Orchestra 2, all versions
  • Any other game with the window title, "UnrealEngine3".

Notes and Caveats

Important: This script assumes default keybinds: C for crouch, Left Alt for prone, Right Mouse for aim, Z for spot enemy, and Left Mouse for firing. If you want to change the bound keys, consult the AHK key name list. Instructions for turning features on or off are included in the .ahk. Special considerations when changing binds are also included in the comments of the related code blocks.

I’ve used the icon made by Tripwire forum member Hockee. It is excellent and high-res.

Either run the desired .exe, or download Autohotkey and run the included source .ahk. Running this script will launch Red Orchestra 2 if it is not already running. If you leave the game screen your keyboard will work as normal. To exit the script, right-click the RO2 icon in your taskbar and select Exit. The script will automatically kill itself within 5 seconds of quitting RO2.

I have included two .exes:

    RO2 Better Binds (All Enabled).exe
  • Aim hold
  • Crouch hold
  • Prone hold
  • Melee can interrupt reload
  • Spotting on

  • RO2 Better Binds (Recommended - Toggle Prone).exe
  • Prone toggle
  • All other settings as above

Hey MG users! You can hold down right-mouse to deploy, and releasing it will undeploy you instantly. Or you can tap right-mouse to deploy indefinitely. To undeploy from this mode, hold down right-mouse and leave cover (or turn around so that you are not facing a ledge on which you can deploy).

Unfortunately, if you want to alt-fire instantly on an MG you will have to hold down right-mouse in order to do it. Otherwise there will be a delay of 150ms, since the script has no way of knowing that you are deployed with an MG and will run through the steps necessary to interrupt a reload and perform a melee attack. If this bothers you, then turn reload interruption off.


v1: Initial release. Tried to get sprint-toggle working, but it seems UE3 doesn’t like being sent software-mediated held keystrokes.

## Let me at it! ## Download Better Binds for Red Orchestra 2 v1

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