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Fiction and non-fiction writing.

"Everything you swallow will one day come up like a stone" by Porpentine
A rehosting of Porpentine's hypertext game about suicide, trauma, and social and cultural systems that don't help. (I wrote this on 2016 Sep 24. )
A 5-month summary of science job openings in Sydney
I gathered science job ads for 5 months and looked for trends in job types and locations. (I wrote this on 2014 Aug 18. )
My gaming behaviours, visualised
I downloaded all of my Steam data and crunched it to figure out how I buy and play games. (I wrote this on 2014 Jan 06. )
Reference photos for tonal drawing
Photos of simple shapes in harsh lighting, suitable for practicing tonal drawing and as lighting references. (I wrote this on 2013 Feb 09. )
Trash Floods
Trash Floods are minor floods that attract peoples' garbage. How are they made, why do they do this, and why are they here? (I wrote this on 1970 Jan 01. )
The 'Ditto Machine'
A look at a photocopying blast from the past. (I wrote this on 2008 Aug 28. )
Love via late train
A friend did a pick-up, so to speak, while waiting for her morning train. (I wrote this on 2022 Dec 08. )
The Express Train
An old man runs down the stairs, buys a ticket and jumps onto an impatient train — all in under thirty seconds. (I wrote this on 2022 Dec 08. )
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