The Express Train

Created on Thursday, December 8, 2022.
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An old man runs down the stairs, buys a ticket and jumps onto an impatient train — all in under thirty seconds.


An old man was running down the stairs to catch the train that had just arrived, but he had to buy a ticket first.

He shoved his money into the machine and quickly keyed in his ticket details, throwing occasional cursory glances to the waiting train, just to see how close it was to leaving.

As the conductor blew his whistle, the old man ran into the train just before the doors completely closed. It was an Indiana Jones-style move.

We went to the ticket machine and found that he had grabbed everything — ticket, change in coins — before making a run for it, and he did it all in less than thirty seconds.

A few minutes later a man came to change the ticket roll on the machine — it turns out that the old man had taken the last ticket.

That’s really cool.

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