“Everything you swallow will one day come up like a stone” by Porpentine

Created on Saturday, September 24, 2016.
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A rehosting of Porpentine’s hypertext game about suicide, trauma, and social and cultural systems that don’t help.


This game will be available for 24 hours and then I am deleting it forever.

You can download it here until then.

What you do with it, whether you distribute, share, or cover it, is up to you.

Suicide is a social problem.

Suicide is a social failure.

This game will live through social means only.

This game will not be around forever because the people you fail will not be around forever.

They are never coming back.

This game’s title:

Everything you swallow will one day come up like a stone

This game’s title when you feel uncomfortable with the topic of suicide and would rather indefinitely forestall your inevitable confrontation with reality:  
Anyways, this is dedicated to Sasha Menu Courey & all the others.

CW: Rape, suicide, abuse

Porpentine, from her announcement of this game

Everything You Swallow Will one day come up like a Stone is a game about suicide. People are afraid to let a living woman talk about suicide.

At the moment of death, the mental distress (untrustworthy, stigmatized) is translated to physical evidence (trustworthy, vindicated, manipulable). If you’re dead you get a million reblogs but a living woman talking about her experiences gets 165.

It seems counter intuitive to wait until people are dead before listening to them, but I think I understand. They don’t want to think about the sheer number of trans people who need housing and food and health care, because if you think about that, then you have to think about the system that creates those artificial scarcities in the first place and how fucked everything is. It’s way easier to solve a corpse’s problems than the messy problems of someone who is still alive. It’s way easier to coopt a corpse for your agenda than listen to the uncomfortable truths of someone who is still alive.

I hosted the game for 24 hours then deleted it. Many important subjects are reduced to frictionless rebloggable fodder for neoliberal emotional consumerism, so I wanted to make a game that required outside intervention for its survival—just like suicide.

— From Porpentine’s Altercon 2015 speech

I am rehosting Porpentine’s game in the lasting hope that one day the “outside intervention” of social and cultural systems that leave people at dead ends, might one day intervene to guide people back.

Click to play Everything you swallow will one day come up like a stone by Porpentine

Content warning: Rape, suicide, abuse.

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