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Created on Sunday, July 21, 2013.
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An Autohotkey script that creates extra, more comfortable keybinds for use in the ridiculously fun indie game Minecraft.


What is it?

This is an Autohotkey script that creates extra keybinds for use in the ridiculously fun indie game Minecraft. If you are like me, your fingers and hands would begin feeling funny after a few hours of holding down Left-Click, and sometimes you’d let go of the Crouch key just for a second, and then fall off your building-in-progress.


  • doesn’’t mess up your typing outside Minecraft, so you can still IM and surf the web. The following assume you have the game set to default Minecraft controls:
  • Mouse Button 4, Mouse Button 5 and Insert toggle hold-left-click. Handy for breaking lots of blocks or mining obsidian.
  • PgDn key spams right-click very quickly. Excellent for egg spam!
  • Home toggles autowalking on and off, allowing you to move forward without holding down the key. Use with mouse-hold toggle for automated mining action!
  • LShift toggles crouching upon double-pressing it. Press it again (once) to turn off. You can still crouch momentarily as usual by holding LShift down.
  • PrintScreen takes a screenshot using Minecraft’s built-in tool.
  • Holding MButton spams left-click. No longer click 64 times when crafting a stack.
  • Hit Ctrl+H to instantly teleport to your /sethome location. Handy for escaping ambushes.
  • Hit Ctrl+P to instantly teleport to the spawn point.

Let me download it!

Download Minecraft Remaps (Windows, with source code).

Difference between Minecraft Remaps, and Minecraft Remaps ESDF Version

  • Autowalk sends E instead of W. Key used to trigger it (Home key) still the same.
  • That’s all!

Important usage information!

Put the script you want to use in the same directory as your Minecraft.exe (or alternatively, put Minecraft.exe in the same directory as the script). When you start the script, it attempts to load the game at the same time. If you do not do this you will get a “Failed attempt to launch program or document” error.

You also need to bind Crouch to Left Shift in Minecraft. Windows does not seem to like toggling down the default Ctrl key.

Game Compatibility

  • Minecraft (all versions, as long as Window Title strarts with “Minecraft” and it is an LWJGL type window.)

Notes and Caveats

Important: You must map Crouch to Left Shift within Minecraft for the crouch toggle to take effect.

You may experience problems typing while the crouch-toggle or walk-toggle is in effect. To regain control, just toggle off that function.


v6 (21 July 2013)

  • Better window checking. The previous Minecraft update changed the window titles and broke the window detection (which relied on exact names). The program now looks for any LWJGL-class window whose title begins with Minecraft this includes both the launcher and the game proper.
  • I found that I had promised functionality in the documentation that wasn’t present in the actual script (like saying Insert toggled hold-left-click when it actually didn’t. I’’ve replaced those, but I have no idea why I removed them without documentation in the first place.
  • Minor changes to PrintScreen, Ctrl+P and Ctrl+H binds to make them work better with Minecraft 1.6.2.
  • Increased script auto-exit time to 10 seconds (previously 5).

v5 (20 May 2011)

Removed the F-key binds and reassigned them to other keys. This will allow you to use Minecraft’s built-in tools (like hiding the HUD and so on). Several familiar binds have changed, so take note. Replaced the Mouse 4-to-Leftclick alternate bind with the more straightforward hold-leftclick function, which is what you’d really be wanting anyway. Also added an ESDF version, whose autowalk function sends E instead of W.


Added home/spawn binds, auto-click, /cdel bind and fixed the Print Screen button to take screenshots using Minecraft’s built-in screenshot tool instead of an external one.


Added admin commands.


Stricter checking to ensure that the script only calibrates to the game window’s measurements. Previously, for example, running the script and then visiting a website whose title begins with Minecraft would make the script think you were playing the game, and so its binds would interfere with your control within that window.


Added auto-walk (F2) toggle. Made the PrintScreen remap only apply when IrfanView is running — no more accidentally switching the Minecraft window to fullscreen mode and messing up the in-game pointer.


Initial release. Mouse 4, F1, crouch-toggle, and Print Screen remaps are included in initial release.

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