How to make a puppet leader

Created on Thursday, January 1, 1970.
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Ever wanted to control a world leader? Well now you can!


Ever wanted to control a world leader? Well now you can!

What you’ll need is:

  • One paper towel or toilet paper roll
  • One sheet of A4 paper
  • A thick black marker pen
  • Scissors or a big knife
  • PVA glue (AKA White/Elmer's/Wood glue)

Wrap the roll in paper

Thinly spread part of your A4 paper with glue and wrap your towel roll with it. This gives you a nice canvas on which to impress your fearless Leader’s visage.

Plan the puppet

The wonders of computer technology allow us, at the last minute and at great expense, to plan the appearance of our Leader. Let’s have a look.

Ladies, meet Joe W. Blow. He battles for the working class and smashes tax evaders and those who don’t agree with him, while still coalescing to the will of the real Powers That Be. Swoon in his steadfast glare! Be charmed by his blue-collar clothing!

Draw your Leader

Your Leader should have two things: a face and a shirt. Maybe he can have pants too, if you have enough room. It’s always easier if you draw the shirt first, making sure to bring the collar all the way around the body and back to the opposite shoulder.

Yes, his lapel takes many buttons.

After that it should be a simple matter of dotting a few eyes and giving him some expression and accessories.

And there we go! If you make enough of them, you can even form a puppet government!

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