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Created on Saturday, January 17, 2009.
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Ligature is adaptable wiki software that automatically creates links between articles based on the nouns and other words that appear within them. Use it as a wiki, or as story-telling software, or whatever.


What is Ligature?

Ligature is smart wiki software. While other wiki programs need you to tell them where to put a link, Ligature looks at the words you’ve used in the article, finds out if there’s an article dealing with that word, and then links to it with no effort on your part.

Ligature is ideal for making medium-sized wikis that don’t need to be edited by many people. It’s also ideal as a digital approximation of index cards, or as story-telling software for inter-connected stories.

What Ligature is not

Ligature is not for making a multi-user wiki. Strangers cannot edit pages, and if you want to let your friends in on it, you’ll have to share your username and password with them. But really, unless you’re trying to make your own version of Wikipedia you should not have a problem with Ligature.

Easy text entry

Create, edit and delete articles in a system that’s been proven rugged and efficient, using The Punctuator to insert special punctuation and text formatting marks in their correct entity form. Simply write and submit — no need to put brackets around words that you want linked. Ligature will leave your mark-up alone, so you can use HTML all you want.

From plain text and HTML code, Ligature compares what you’ve written to the other articles you already have, and automatically creates links to the existing articles.

Or if you want to add content that you want Ligature to leave alone, simply wrap the block of text with a special Exclusion tag: Ligature will know not to mess up your stuff.


What if there’s a word in an article that doesn’t have its own page yet? Ligature keeps track of how many times you’ve used that word across everything you’ve written and displays them in order of most used and flags the most common ones so you can prioritise what to write next.

And if you want to start an article about something you haven’t mentioned yet, or you want to add a term to Ligature’s auto-link vocabulary, just add it as a custom noun.

Download Ligature

Download Ligature 1.5 Read the Changelog

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