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Locks your cursor within a horizontal resolution of your choosing. Handy for full-screen games that don’t capture the cursor.


What is it?

This Autohotkey script locks your mouse cursor to a given horizontal resolution. Any clicks delivered outside your specified desktop resolution are nullified. This was made to address games that do not lock the cursor into the game screen when running in full-screen mode, thus causing the game to minimise with a misplaced click on the secondary monitor during fast-paced mousing action.


  • Locks your cursor inside the prescribed resolution on both left and right boundaries.
  • Use Winkey+End to kill the script immediately.

Game Compatibility

  • Windows


This is a .ahk only, uploaded as a proof of concept. You need to install Autohotkey in order to run .ahk scripts. Make your changes in the marked section of the .ahk.

Notes and Caveats

This script runs every 25 milliseconds, so it may or may not slow down weak machines. It may still be possible to click outside the prescribed resolution if you get a lucky click in between iterations, but it’s a very very rare event. </p>


v1: Initial release.

## Let me at it! ## Download MouseKeeper v1

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