ScreenCap: Portable Screenshot Saver

Created on Tuesday, May 31, 2011.
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A tiny, portable program that captures the contents of your computer screen with one keypress, and saves it in lossless PNG format. Stick it on a flash drive and off you go!


What is it?

This is an Autohotkey script that lets you capture the contents of your computer screen with one keypress, automatically saving it in lossless PNG format for later editing. It is tiny, portable, program-independent, and requires no installation, being intended specifically for use in a removable flash drive.


  • Press Print Screen (above the Insert/Home/Page Up keys on your keyboard) to take a picture of the entire desktop. It will be saved to the screenshots/ folder.


  • Windows 95/98/XP/7


  • Original code by Daniel Unterberger.
  • Built on the GDI+ Helper library by Philippe Lhoste.
  • All I (Desi Quintans) did was add user prompts, remove GUI, and repackage.

Notes and Caveats

ScreenCap will probably have trouble capturing images from DirectX applications (namely video games). This is for reasons related to image buffering etc.


v1: Initial (and final) release.

## Let me at it! ## Download ScreenCap v1

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