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Created on Saturday, April 20, 2013.
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The Verbosifier is shoutbox/tagboard software with unprecendented anti-spam measures and oodles of customisability.

Development and support for The Verbosifier has been discontinued.

What is The Verbosifier?

The Verbosifier is a piece of software that displays inline comments in a compact way and allows discussion without the complexities of a forum or the topic limits of a normal blog comment thread. Its features include:

  • Easy HTML-based templating.
  • Unprecedented anti-spam measures using Spamguard Extra: the same anti-spam system used with the Writer’s Block CMS.
  • Keep all past comments or automatically delete extras as they get pushed off the page.
  • Remembers commenters so they can spend their time commenting instead of filling fields.
  • URL-to-link conversion: is automatically made into
  • Oodles of customisability and well-documented source code makes it easy to make The Verbosifier do what you want.

Is it free?

The Verbosifier is free software under the GPL, but you have to link to at the bottom of the main.htm template. Just one little link.

What do I need to run The Verbosifier?

  • A server with support for PHP and mySQL (pretty much all of them do).
  • At least mySQL 3.23.
  • At least PHP 4 compiled with support for mySQL (if your hosting deal came with PHP and mySQL, this is already done).

Let me at it!

Download The Verbosifier v1.2 Final

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